OK Clean Water Project  2006 AGM

                            Thursday, September 13, 2007

                                   580 Chapel St. Ottawa




Norma McCoy,  Lorraine Hopkins, Shannon Lafond, Anne Lalonde, Alana Forrester-Verge, Kathy Monkman, Linda Shannon, Carmel Horan



Bernie OÕNeill, Patricia McCarney, Andrew Singman, Teresa Horne, Clara Nasello, Joe Gunn, Josephine Dewhurst, Rosemarie Kennedy, Joan Trudeau, Roger Dorˇ, Jeannine Lawlor, Bill Lawlor, Christine Mengwei, Anna Ferrabee


Welcome and Introductions:

Norma welcomed everyone and the introductions of the guests were made.


Year 2006 in Review:

A brief overview of the progress made in 2006 was made by Norma with a handout to accompany the information.  With the great support made by donors, schools and the fundraising activities $46,000 was sent to Cathy Molloy in Cameroon to continue the work of the OK Clean Water project. Much has been done to improve the lives of many grateful people living there and there is more that we can accomplish with the continued generous support of so many.


Alana and KathyÓs Visits:

Alana and Kathy visited Cameroon in 2005 and 2007 respectfully and each spoke of the poverty and difficult living situations of the people. Although the extreme poverty was evident they both witnessed the gratitude and positive attitude expressed by the people.  Expressions  like Ņclean water for us is a stream of living waterÓ help us to understand their appreciation.


Financial Report:

Lorraine presented a financial report for the 2006 year  and an update for Jan-Aug 2007. The total revenue for 2006 was $25,714.07 and the net income for the year was $24,102.44.


Wish List:

The OK Clean Water ProjectÕs volunteer wish list fall under three main areas: finance, fundraising and communications. All present were invited to sign up in any one of these areas of interest  to support the cause or invite others with these interests to come forward. We always welcome other volunteers.


Looking Ahead:

The Brunch With the Bunch will be held Sunday, November 18th at 12:30 PM at St. Elias Centre. Tickets are $25.00 (with a tax receipt of $10.00 for anyone requesting one).  Tickets are available from committee members and at the OK Clean Water Project office. Volunteers are invited to assist with this event. People were invited to take posters announcing the brunch to display in the community.



Presently a committee is preparing a calendar for the year 2008; hopefully this calendar will be available for purchase at the brunch on November 18th. Price to be determined.


Spring Event 2008:

A spring event is being considered perhaps in early May when Cathy Molloy could be present to update everyone on the progress of the project in Cameroon. More details on this to follow.


Charitable Donation Status:

Now that we have received charitable donation status we are able to designate funds to United Way for the OK Water Project if we so choose simply by designating the name of our organization and the charitable donation official number # 819070145RR0001.

We will also be appointing an auditor to review the OK Clean Water ProjectÕs books this year.


Members of the OK Clean Water Project:


Norma McCoy: Chair

Kathy Monkman: Vice-Chair

Lorraine Hopkins: Treasurer

Carmel Horan: Secretary

Members at large:

Pat McGuire

Anne Lalonde

Shannon Lafond

Alana Forrester-Verge


Linda Shannon

Joan Trudeau

Alison Sutherland

Maureen Killoran

Roger Dorˇ


Next Meeting Date:

Thursday, October 11th at 7:00 PM – 580 Chapel St.