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Kumbo, Cameroon",content:"

In the past our pupils had to trek long distances in search of clean water. As such they didn’t have time to study well as part of their precious time for studies was used for trekking. Now they just get water from the school premises. They now water their classes before sweeping with ease and there is clean water in drinking pails always in all the classes. They now have time to study without disturbances.

Tatah Kiven Eugene, Mali

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Look Forward To",content:"You have brought life to the school and part of the community where the school is located.

We can only say thank you and more grease to your elbows for this remarkable gesture.
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Practices Mean",content:"We cherish the many seminars that Visi Edwin of OK Clean Water Project has conducted with water maintenance committees, caretakers, standpipe managers, and private connectors. We enjoyed and appreciated them for they have made a difference in our villages. There is now a strong spirit of love, cooperation, responsibility, mutual trust and you can name more. We feel proud and lucky to have chosen OK Clean Water Project as partner in our development.

President- Ngonozen Water Management Committee

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Clean Water Makes",content:"

Furthermore with the achievement of the OK Clean Water our village has made many changes such as the mobilization of the community, the sanitation in the village, the nearness of clean water to every household and the freedom from cholera infection and upon all these we are healthy.

Secretary of the Fonkava Water Management Committee

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Comes Together",content:"

The Kitiwum Water Supply (KWS) established a relationship with OK Clean Water in 2008 by applying to benefit from a training workshop in Tobin with Visi. Since then KWS has benefited greatly not only intellectually but also materially. OK Clean Water in 2009 assisted KIDU to extend water to CBS school-Kishiy and supported renovation works at the water tank. OK Clean Water also donated a tool box to KWS.

Mr. Lamb George, Chairman- Kitiwum

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