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Upcoming Events:

Stay tuned for details of our upcoming spring Cabaret!

Events held to date:

"Brunch with the Bunch - Part 6" November 16, 2008

Friends and supporters of the Project gathered at St. Elias Centre in Ottawa on November 16, 2008 for the annual Brunch with the Bunch fundraiser.

Blue and white helium balloons, anchored by OK Clean Water Project coin banks, decorated each table and set the festive mood. Rotating large-screen photos of the people and scenery of Cameroon provided a vibrant backdrop.

The morning's program ran smoothly and on schedule under the direction of Jenny Mbamulu, Daniela Gunn and Ben Gunn. Special guests included representatives from the Cameroonian High Commission and members of the Carleton University School of Journalism team.

Norma McCoy presented an update from Cathy Molloy in Kumbo and Carmel Horan read excerpts of letters of appreciation from several people in Cameroon who are benefiting directly from the OK Clean Water Project endeavour.

A silent auction, craft and vintage tables as well as displays by the AIDS Angels and Kazuri Jewellery (for the Stephen Lewis Foundation Grandmothers Campaign) provided opportunities to support several worthy projects.

Many thanks go to all our supporters, including those who worked so hard to make this event a great success.

"Making Waves 2008"

On May 7 in the studio of the National Art Centre, we celebrated 5 years of the OK Clean Water Project with special guest Cathy Molloy from Kumbo. Hosted by CBC's Bob Carty and featuring Tenor Michael Carty, Cameroonian vocalist extraordinaire Erta, Rock and Roll group The Verdict and a solo performance by The Mighty Popo, the evening was a tremendous success!

"Brunch with the Bunch - Part 5" November 18, 2007, 12:30 pm, St. Elias Centre

Approximately one hundred and eighty friends and supporters gathered for another Brunch with the Bunch on Sunday, November 18, 2007 at St. Elias Centre on Ridgewood Avenue in Ottawa.

The program was masterfully introduced and led by Lorraine Hopkins and Christine Mengwei. The High Commissioner from Cameroon, Martin Mbeng, offered words of welcome and appreciation. The guest speaker, Laura Mbeng, wife of the High Commissioner, shared memories of growing up in Cameroon, including the ritual of water carrying. She also expressed deep gratitude on behalf of the villagers in Cameroon whose lives have been so touched by the Project.

Elegant Christmas decorations, handmade and donated by Kathy Monkman, were offered as door prizes. There was also a silent auction of several items, including a framed photograph by Malek Karsh and coffee from Cameroon.

The close connection with the Cameroonian / African community was highlighted by the large-screen slide show which ran continuously during the event, the beautiful and colourful attire worn by several of the attendees, and the lively music and dancing which closed a most enjoyable, positive and uplifting event.

Japanese students visit Ottawa
Click here to read about the recent visit of students from Sakura no Seibo High School in Fukushima, Japan

Annual General Meeting
On Thursday, September 13, 2007, our first Annual General Meeting was held at 580 Chapel St.

Click here
to read the minutes of the meeting.

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to read a review of 2006.

"Brunch with the Bunch - Part 4" February 11, 2007, 12 noon, St. Elias Centre
Special guest Cathy Molloy, CND, the co-ordinator and the heart of the OK Clean Water Project in Kumbo, brought greetings from our partners in the villages of Kumbo where clean water is now flowing.

"Making Waves" October 4, 2006, NAC Fourth Stage - local artists make waves for clean water!
Hosted by CBCs Bob Carty and featuring singer/songwriter Jennifer Noxon, The Verdict - a group of Ottawa lawyers who rock & roll for charity, Wabantu - African drummers, dancers & singers, and a solo performance by The Mighty Popo, this inaugural event was a overwhelming success. The upbeat theme of the evening had everyone tapping their toes & dancing on their feet.

Rustic Twig Chair Making Workshop - Saturday June 24, 2006,.
Using pre-harvested wood and willow, students learned how to build a traditional fan-backed twig chair. The workshop was a great success and attendees were thrilled to bring home their completed projects. Our project benefited greatly too!

Brunch with the Bunch - Part 3 - Sunday November 15, 2005
Instead of waiting to host its third brunch again during Winterlude, the OK Clean Water Committee decided to offer its friends the opportunity to Christmas shop for crafts in late November. Tree ornaments, handcrafted table-sized trees, cards, OK clowns, and bags sewn by a women's cooperative were on display.

Alana Forrester-Verge, a committee member who had visited Cameroon for six weeks, spoke during her slide presentation of life in the Kumbo area and the work that has been done in the villages with money raised by the Water Project. The Acting High Commissioner, Martin Mpana, in attendence with his wife and children, thanked everyone for their continued commitment to the people of Cameroon.

Anne Lalonde, our MC for the event, kept the tempo easy and relaxed as people approached the buffet tables. Draws were held for a variety of exciting doorprizes.

Brunch with the Bunch - Part 2 - Sunday February 6, 2005
This time around we were privileged to have Jackie Rohrer as our guest speaker. She enthralled us with her slideshow and stories of her 6 months stay in Kumbo. Click here to visit Jackie's online journal and read all about her experiences. Her pictures on the site tell a thousand words!

Ongoing Projects:

"Clowning Around"

Josephine Nestman, CND, has put her creative energy into making and selling these delightful, decorative clowns. A donation of $25.00 for each clown is suggest with 100% of proceeds going to the project. For custom orders call Josephine at 729-5272.