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$ 25.00 PAYS FOR 1PIPE
$ 50.00 PAYS FOR 1TAP
$ 100.00 PAYS FOR 1BASIN

Mail-In Donations:

The OK Clean Water Project, 580 Chapel St., Ottawa, ON K1N 7Z8
(613)236-8855 | Registered Charitable Number - 81907 0145 RR0001

Cheques can be made payable to: OK Clean Water Project

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Note to U.S. Donors:

Cheques or money orders can be made payable to OK Clean Water Project but we, regrettably, cannot issue a tax receipt that can be used for U.S. income tax purposes. CAF America will issue a tax receipt. For a donation of $500 or more, please click on the link to CAF America , below. Complete the online form with OK Clean Water Project as the name of the foreign non-profit organization.

CAF America
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