Hear Our Voices

Here you will find some of the many testimonials from various people who are involved in the OK CLEAN WATER PROJECT.
"Since this project has been completed and we started drinking good water, we are very sure that nobody has gone to the hospital caused by bad drinking water."
� Shatu Shefe, Lower Njanawa
"When we take a cup of this clean water I count on good health for my family because we have enough water to wash ourselves, our clothes and keep our house clean. We feel we are free from many disturbing diseases."
� Mawo Mary-Fidelia, Tobin
"Knowing the importance of water to our health and environment we join to say thank you for this wonderful gift of living water.�
� Government School, Kai
"When the catchment was finished we had a celebratory dinner in the surrounding field."
� Village of Meluf
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