10th Anniversary Celebration Calendar in Kumbo

The partner villages are planning celebrations in individual villages; we hope that village members will be able to attend one or more of the celebrations being held in their sub-division. We want these celebrations to encourage a renewed commitment by villagers so that maintenance of existing pipes and expansion into new villages will continue to meet the needs of more villagers in both the rainy and the dry seasons. A final celebration will be held in Kumbo in November 2013

The members of the OK Clean Water Project support the statement of Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of the United Nations, who said, “No single measure would do more to reduce disease and save lives in the developing world than bringing safe water and adequate sanitation to all.”

Date Village
15/4/2013 Kikaikom/Tooy
20/4/2013 Sakir/Lower Tashibi
23/4/2013 Nsteni
28/4/2013 omkong
11/5/2013 Fonkava/Duy-N/Upper Tashibi
12/5/2013 Shiy
17/5/2013 Kiyan
18/5/2013 Mbabu
25/5/2013 Kai in Kumbo Central
5/10/2013 Ngondzen
12/10/2013 5Njigaru
13/10/2013 Kitiwum
19/10/2013 Mboshong
24/10/2013 Sop Area I.E. Ndzeti, Ngomrin

For more information about the celebrations please contact

Mr Visi Edwin, OK Water Consultant Tel: 77 76 53 90


Sr Catherine Molloy, OK Water Coordinator molloycmcnd@gmail.com

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