Clean Water For 15,000 People In Kidzem, Cameroon, Africa


We are currently seeking campaign contributions to construct a clean water system for the villagers of Kidzem near Kumbo in Cameroon, Africa. An estimated 15,000 people are expected to benefit from this initiative. Each stand tap we can install will benefit 6 to 15 families .

These villagers are co- operative and have pledged to work together to get the job done, providing all of the necessary labour and attending follow up workshops to make sure the water keeps flowing. All they ask for is the materials and the expertise of our engineer. In the seventies, they had a water system installed which ran through several villages but it has fallen into disrepair. A neighbouring village , has a blockage that has prevented water from flowing to their area and they have been using contaminated groundwater for several years and suffering the health issues associated with this. To support them in constructing the system we require the following:

3 water catchments $1,000.00

30,000 litre storage tank $2,500.00

4,616m of pipe $4,500.00

Total $8,000.00

The people of Kidzem are trying to use their initiative to solve their own water issues. and they’ll be responsible for making it happen and keep it going. Please help.

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