On this beautiful Monday morning a small group of us, Cathy Molloy CND, her niece Susan and her daughter Lilly from England, Nina Glinski CND were driven by Mr Edwin Visi to the nearby village of Kikaikom-Tooy where the 10th anniversary celebration was taking place. As we came near the village we were greeted by men, women and children holding their banners, tools, and singing joyously. Several of us joined the welcome parade which made its way marching and singing our way to the Council Hall. People, over 80, gathered gradually filling the Hall.

We were welcomed with smiles and open hands and there was excitement in the air. Traditional and Religious Authorities were present as were all those who have been trained and collaboratively involved in the OK Water project in this community. It was evident that this day’s celebration was wonderfully prepared by all who were involved. The Chairman of the Water Management Committee, Fai Wo Kwakui, addressed all of us with a gracious welcome speech. His words were full of gratitude to and appreciation for: the efforts of the students in Canada, the love and care of Sister Cathy Molloy, and the assistance of Mr Edwin Visi. He ended with a strong blessing of long life to students of Canada, to the OK Clean Water Project and to the Ministry of Water and energy!!!

The ceremony that followed was full and inspirational with a wonderful array of GRACIOUS WORDS through introductions, speeches, songs & oral recitation by children, wisdom shared and a powerful prayer. There seemed to be a refrain throughout much of what expressed: WATER IS LIFE AND WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR THE LIFE THAT THE OK WATER PROJECT HAS MADE POSSIBLE FOR OUR COMMUNITY, THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE VILLAGE AND THE FUTURE OF OUR CHILDREN. We also heard a request for continued help and assistance to continue what has been begun so well. There was a deep request that God would give us more power to continue this project for the sake of our children.

There was an appeal by the Chairman to everyone present to assist the Fundraising and with joy and song a collection was taken up. We all sang and some even danced: We are TOGETHER- we are ONE! This generous local contribution towards OK Water Project amounted to 62,000 CFA. It was humbling to experience such amazing generosity! What would a celebration be without a feast of food and what a feast it was. The spirit of community, joy and GOOD NEWS was in the air. When the children began their touching oral recitations earlier they began with: “I want to say a word”. We who experienced this first of many celebrations say in return: We want to say again and again: WATER IF LIFE AND WATER SHARED IS ABUNDANT LIFE! ALLELUIA

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