Kovki Village Celebrate OK Clean Water

At the invitation of Rev. Sister Catherine Molloy, CND, I was privileged to attend the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the O.K. Water Project held at the village of Kovi/Mbiame on 28 July 2013. A delegation from the village described the plans it has adopted to maintain the project and future plans to extend the system to serve the families in a nearby settlement. As is the custom in this region, the villagers gave a wonderful demonstration of their gratitude. Six traditional dance groups performed a variety of dances and presented gifts of locally grown crops, all to express their deep appreciation for the “gift of life” Sister Catherine and O.K. Water Project brought to them. Being a native from a rural village in this region it was clear to me how important this project is to the families here and the vital benefits O.K. Water Project bring to the lives in the communities it touches.

Mary Nyar

Kumbo, Cameroon

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