10th Anniversary Celebration in Kumbo, Cameroon

On Saturday, November 9th 2013, the 10th Anniversary of the OK Clean Water Project was celebrated at the Catholic University of Cameroon(CATUC), Tobin Campus, in Kumbo, Cameroon with a gathering of more than 300 in attendance. The many villagers who are enjoying the fruits of clean water – good health, prosperity and independence- came out singing, dancing and in a joyful spirit to celebrate.

Those in attendance included dignitaries from the Bui Division, mayors from Kumbo and Jakiri, distinguished guests, and some traditional rulers. Following the national anthem Fr. Roland Berngeh opened the celebration with prayer.

The day included a welcome speech by Sr. Catherine Molloy, CND, the coordinator of the project, the Lord Mayors of the Kumbo Councll and Jakiri and the story of the OK Project by Lukong Emmanuel. Visi Edwin presented awards and certificates to villages who have shown initiative in moving forward.. Carmel Horan, President of the OK Project in Ottawa, spoke of the fundraising support from the many donors and schools. This support was totaled approximately $620,000 or 315,000,000 cfa over the ten years.

The day also included singing and dancing from various village choirs and schools. They highlighted the joyous occasion with songs of gratitude for OK Clean Water.

Villagers presented pledges in support of NTOM FO’ AMO-OH-A (Reaching out to a New Project) A march pass with banners showing their support took place followed by the unveiling of the 10th Anniversary cake baked by Martha.

The blessing of the meal preceded the festive meal which was prepared by several women under the organization by Mary Fidelia and Doris Lola. All enjoyed the delicious food followed by singing and dancing.

The day was a huge success and culminated with continued singing and dancing in gratitude for the gift of clean water. May the OK Clean Water continue to flourish and grow and may Education for Sustainability remain the Key to continued success.

Beri Wo! Water is Life! Together We` Are One! KumbocelebKumboceleb2Kumboceleb3

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