The partnership between the Rural Transformation Centre (RTC) and the Ottawa to Kumbo (OK) water program started some years back when OK assisted the centre with pipes for the distribution of water around the centre. We sincerely appreciated the gift of the pipes by this life saving organization. After a few years we wanted to contribute to the great work that OK is doing to the Bui community. We then nursed a consignment of various natural tree species that are friendly to the environment and donated through OK to the community water management committees working with the organization which amounted to four thousand two hundred and fifty (4250) tree seedlings <p> In July 2013 we donated another consignment of one thousand six hundred (1600) trees to the following communities: Kishiy (Kitiwum),  Meluf Shiy - Romkong Taa-Lah (Mbve-Kiyan) - Fonkava - Duy Ngamantse/Upper Tashibi - Kitiwum – Wvem – Kovki – Sakir We have so far donated Five thousand eight hundred and fifty (5850) trees since the partnership started and hope that we will continue to donate more in the future.</p> <p>We are calling on the beneficiary communities to take good care of the trees because they shall grow and give them a good cover to their catchment area hence the sustainable flow of water. We hope that the donation of natural tree seedlings from RTC through the OK water program to the communities will go a long way to influence water yield hence the sustainable flow of good drinkable water to the population.</p>
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