OK Clean Water Celebrates Another Amazing Year with Ottawa Catholic Schools!

The OK Clean Water Project is most grateful to the Ottawa Catholic Schools who have supported our water project in Kumbo, Cameroon again in the school year 2017-2018. This year twenty-one schools brought in an amazing $18,757.88 The schools were most creative in their fundraising engaging in such activities as walk-a-thons, read-a-thons, spirit days, coin lines, pipe lines bake sales, chores at home and other interesting activities to raise money for OK Clean Water Project.  

Presently fifty-eight villages have clean water and more villagers are waiting in hope. As well as providing the materials and planning for the village projects the Cameroonian engineer, Edwin Visi, the Country Director works closely with Collins Yenika providing workshops to the villagers to ensure that the sustainability of each village project is maintained. An association has been formed and this group ensure the villagers are taking responsibility for the manual labour to bring the clean water from the springs up in the hills through pipes laid in trenches into the villages. As well they are to make any repairs and other maintenance required.

This year 2017-2018 the following schools have supported the OK Water Project:

St. Luke, Dr. F.J. McDonald, Good Shepherd, St. Stephen, St. Daniel, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, St. Augustine, St. Bernard, Holy Spirit, St. Brigid, St. John the Apostle, St. George, St. John Paul 11, St. Rita, Msgr. Paul Baxter, Divine Infant, St. Gregory, Frank Ryan, St. Clare, St. Michael-Corkery, St. Theresa and Notre Dame Academy in Staten Island, New York.  Thank you to All!  As Cameroonians would say Beri Wo!

Over the past fourteen years fifty-nine schools have been involved in fundraising activities to raise an amazing $353,869.76 to support this life-giving cause. We are most grateful to all staff, student and parents for your ongoing support and concern for our brothers and sisters in our global community. Beri Wo!

As the Cameroonians would say “Water is Life!”  “Together We Are One”
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