United Nations World Water Day

The theme this year is "Water and Energy". Energy generation and transmission requires utilization of water particularly for hydro electric, nuclear, and thermal energy sources. Roughly 75% of all industrial water withdrawals are used for energy production.

The UN attempts to address the "bottom billion" who live in impoverished areas and survive without safe drinking water, adequate sanitation, sufficient food and energy services.

Our efforts to raise awareness of the inter-linkages and to contribute to policy dialogues are of utmost significance.

Donations to O.K Clean Water Project does just that.

Help us to help others!

For more info check the United Nations website at http://www.unwater.org/worldwaterday. Events and celebrations take place around the world. "Canada Water Week" occurs during the third week of March, coinciding with WWD and celebrates water from coast to coast to coast. Participate in or host events, info available at canadians.org/worldwaterday‎

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