Who We Are

Ottawa-Kumbo Partnership
The OK Clean Water Project began in 2003 as a partnership between two groups of people - one in Ottawa, Canada, and one in Kumbo, Cameroon, Africa. Sister Cathy Molloy, living in the Kumbo area, invited the Ottawa group to respond to the needs of the people in her tiny village of Tobin. Of the 21 families living there, 11 had no access to potable water and had to rely on a polluted stream or walk long distances for water. The Ottawa group responded by raising $3,000 to help these 11 families. And thus the Ottawa-Kumbo partnership was born and was named "OK Clean Water Project".

The OK Clean Water Project thus takes its name from the link that has been developed between Ottawa and Kumbo.

The volunteers in Ottawa raise funds to support the water delivery systems being built in Kumbo and surrounding villages. The villagers in and around Kumbo volunteer their labour to build the water delivery structures and then receive training to manage and maintain the water supply. In doing so they establish ownership of their efforts.
When we take a cup of this clean water I count on good health for my family because we have enough water to wash ourselves, our clothes and keep our house clean. We feel we are free from many disturbing diseases.
� Mawo Mary-Fidelia, Tobin