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2008 Report

Kudos to Our Schools!

Again this year many schools in the Ottawa Catholic Board engaged in creative fundraising events to support our project. We are very pleased also to have five new schools on board this year as well as some who have been supportive over the past five years!

The schools involved this year were Holy Family, Holy Spirit, Pope John XXIII, St. Augustine, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Our Lady of Wisdom, St. Bernard, Msgr. Paul Baxter, St. Jerome, Immaculata, McMaster, Dr. F.J. McDonald, St. Daniel, Good Shepherd, St. Anne and Uplands.

Spirit days, coin lines, bake sales, read-a-thons, and other exciting and fun-filled ventures brought in a total of $14,494.05 for the project. Thank you so much for your creative efforts and your very generous support.

Your kindness and spirit-filled efforts have brought the gift of clean water and good health to more people in Kumbo, Cameroon. Thank You!