Donating Securities


In 2006, the Federal Government changed the income tax law to allow donation of publicly traded securities to charities such as the OK Clean Water Project without having to pay the capital gains tax of the securities.  This new rule can benefit better both the charity and the donor.  Below is an example of the increased benefits.



Sell securities and donate after-tax cash

Donate securities


Selling Price






Purchase Price (Adjusted Cost Base)






Capital Gain






Taxable Capital Gain (50% of Capital Gain)






Marginal Tax Rate






Capital Gain Tax Payable






Net Amount Donated to Charity (Selling Price minus Capital Gains Tax)






Federal Tax Credit






Provincial Tax Credit






Total Tax Credit






Additional Tax Credit





In this example, the donation of securities gives the charity more money ($1,800) and the donor more tax credit ($723).


The OK Clean Water Project now has the facility to accept donations of securities. 


If you wish to make a donation of securities, please contact