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What is the OK Clean Water Project?

The Ok Clean Water Project began in 2003 as a partnership between a group of people in Ottawa, Canada, and a group in Kumbo, Cameroon, Africa. They work together to provide access to clean water for villagers living in outlying areas by laying pipes that bring fresh spring water from the hillsides to local compounds. Many of the residents in these areas have to rely on polluted stream water or walk long distances to carry water to their homes.

Since the project began, support has extended to other parts of Canada, the USA and Japan. In Cameroon, a number of villages beyond Kumbo have been helped. Cathy Molloy, a member of the Congregation of Notre Dame (CND), works with the villagers, local engineers and water technicians to assess needs and possibilities and to ensure the quality of the work. The funds raised are sent directly to them and are managed by them.

The people receiving the pipes prepare the trenches and fill them in afterwards. They then become the owners of the pipeline. This makes the project a genuine partnership between fund raisers and beneficiaries. Fundraising is done by volunteers, keeping overhead costs to a minimum.